#68 Laura Mvula

y (23)


I went to see Laura Mvula at the Queen’s Hall yesterday ; she was so good I literally cried. You know the kind of music that makes you happy to be alive? She is so inspiring and just gorgeous (plus: fun fact, she went to my secondary school, Swanshurst, in Birmingham!) Her band were great too, with harps, double basses, drums and violins. I really do recommend a listen to her album, Make Me Lovely. (look here ) She wore a fantastically simple and grown up black slouchy jumpsuit, but showed her individuality by accessorising it with dozens of striking bangles, a statement ring and the hugest wedges I have seen in my life. Her dark puce lips and long thick lashes really stood out to me too. This look is achievable, just have a little confidence.

Jumpsuit: Topshop, Shoes: River Island, Lipstick: MAC, Eyelashes: Eyelure, Ring: Accesorize, Bangles: Various.


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