#77 Nikki McWilliams

y (29)


As I moved to Edinburgh I discovered Nikki McWilliams, a designer, and now well-known brand, who created the wonderful concept of cushions, along with other interior products from wrapping paper to iPhone cases, adorned with biscuits and sweet wrappers we all know and love. My personal favourite is the custard cream, but she is famous for the Tunnocks Caramel range; I spoke to the great-granddaughter of Tunnocks’ founder and she had nothing but praise for the talented Nikki! Check out her instagram (@nikkimcwilliams)  too for endless creative posts, and be sure to give her online shop a look to see a whole range of incredible designs. This look embodies those fab biscuits: red dress with gold for the Caramel Wafer, Digestive-coloured shoes, and a pale yellow bag for Custard Creams! I always think that nude/neutral accessories pair perfectly with red, to really emphasize the bright colour and also keep it ladylike.

Dress: Glamorous, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: Love, Ring: Forever 21, Bag: Oasis


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