ECA Fashion Show



A little late, but hectic ol’ life has got in the way! I have been dying to write up my notes on the ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) fashion show I attended last week. Originally the aim was just to snap pictures of my friend modelling but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the other amazing collections from a very talented bunch of graduates too. The few photos I did manage to sneakily capture over the heads of two very tall FROW-ers are shockingly bad quality but my camera decided to die on me so it was a 2 year old iPhone job.

I think the best part of the show was the costume section towards the end, mainly consisting of group projects and collaborations. Some of the creations were outstanding; things you might imagine on a Broadway musical or a high-budget fantasy film. The highlight was an enormous ‘granny’ costume complete with walking sticks and full head mask, featuring Tunnock’s caramels, boiled sweets and every colour under the sun. Here’s a picture below!

There were almost too many fantastic designers to mention! The stand-outs for me were Sarah Innes, Briony Campbell-Ross, Lisa Murray and Sarah Kilkenny. Sarah’s brave use of neon yellow and turquoise adorned with dollar signs, chains and oversized urban accessories created to an incredible streetwear collection. Briony’s designs were characterised by red and gold, using oriental prints and some fabulous hand-customised flat shoes. Lisa had a fun, quirky set of dark, Disney-inspired designs, reminiscent of aliens and monsters and full of crazy prints.

The show was a result of months of hard work, talent and dedication from everyone involved. I admired the professionalism of the amateur models, especially as they had to repeat the performance over 3 days. It was a fantastic evening over at the grand McEwan hall and one I definitely hope to be repeating next season.


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