Fashion From Afar


This post is my contribution to Fashion from Afar, an initiative from Smartling to get fashion bloggers involved in their new travel and translation app. I thought I would imagine my dream outfit for my dream night out abroad, and here’s what I came up with!







Where: Milan, Italy

What: Visiting Shows at Milan Fashion Week. Rubbing noses with Franca Sozzani. Interviewing designers like Massimo Giorgetti for The Question Cove

Food: It’s Italy, come on now! It has to be pasta. Followed by gelato of course.

And to drink: Double espressos by day, and champagne by night.

Outfit: A sheer top covering a lacy black bra, to breathe in the mediterranean heat. Not the most comfortable shoe choice, but fllats are a no-go at Fashion Week, even for my 6 foot frame! Leather leggings in maroon to nod towards next season’s baroque ‘n’ roll trend. And monochrome accesories, including a notebook for jotting down inspiration from this fantastic city.

But how would I cope with the language barrier?

Well, being semi-fluent in Spanish would help me as Italian stems from the same latin heritage, so many words are similar. Of course there’s the old point-at-the-menu-and-hope-for-the-best technique, but if in doubt, use a trustworthy translator like Smartling!


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